Intern With Us

We're looking for dynamic, fun loving artists to
work with.

We offer for credit internship opportunities to high-school, college, and graduate students interested in exploring the qualities of woven textiles and fiber arts. This is an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and stimulating weaving studio environment which values the art and tradition of weaving while adapting it to present fashion design and trends. Our internship program is tailored to fit the student's own work and artistic direction.  

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Educational Tours & Workshops

We offer educational tours, workshops and lectures for organizations of all kinds including schools and non-profits.

Learn and experience an old craft as we talk about global weaving traditions, textiles, and sustainability. We can accommodate your workshop to any age group, curriculum or location. This is a great opportunity for team building.

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Weaving Together

Weaving Together is a series of ongoing community-oriented weaving events started five years ago by Weaving Hand Founder and Director, Cynthia Alberto.

Weaving Together is a series of on going collaborative weaving events that focus on healing the community and create interpersonal relationships through the act of weaving together.

Weaving Together events give community members a chance to celebrate their neighborhood through the process of weaving. Traveling to different neighborhoods, we invite people of all backgrounds and experiences to join us for a day or weekend of weaving. In this day and age, where we are so connected virtually, it is important to build a community around something physical. We invite people to bring their materials; allowing the diversity of the materials to become a reflection of the community. 

We will be staging an event that consists of a large hand-built loom, in which attendees will be invited to help operate. We welcome attendees to bring their materials to throw into the weaving, such as old clothes, fishing line, rope, twigs, reeds, or anything else that can be made thin, flexible, and string-like. We will highlight the awareness of textile waste in our society.

The finished tapestries will stay in the communities that they were made.

We have previously held Weaving Together events in Museum of Arts and Design, Queens Museum, MET Museum, Earth Day Celebration at Union Square Park, Pioneer Works, The ACE Hotel, Building 92 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, The British International School